Do you have any plans to fly with your whole family soon? In such situations, especially with small children, things are not at all simple, and a plane trip can be quite complicated with the little ones. We already know that countless incidents can happen and everything can be unpredictable with children.

The flight with the children is quite stressful and, as any parent can confirm, it is even more stressful if the child is hysterical, crying or not finding his place. And a canceled or delayed flight will only make it harder for the already exhausted parents.

To make things a little easier for parents traveling with babies, there are a few family rights that you need to know and retain. You may have a lot of unanswered questions, such as:

How old must the child be at least to fly?

All these questions are usually found on the airline’s websites. For example, a child of any age can normally fly, but this may differ from one company to another. Some companies allow only 2 days for infants to fly, while others allow only 14 days for infants to fly.

American Airlines, for example, allows two-day-old infants to fly, only when a medical certificate is presented on board. Of course, regardless of the age of the child, you will have to provide an identity card on boarding.

Can I stay with the child during the flight?

Yes, any parent can stand by their child during the flight and the airline as a rule, makes every effort to ensure this, although there is no standard law in Europe. However, there are airlines that may charge extra for booking a seat near the child.

Can I get food and milk in the airplane cabin for my baby?

Even though liquids are often restricted in the cabin of the plane, in the case of babies the restriction is no longer valid. If you travel with a child under 2 years old, you will be allowed access to specific foods during the flight, which will include milk, fruit juice, water.

Can I take a car seat or stroller on airplane?

Normally for the baby carriage nothing extra is paid, it will be stored together with the luggage, being returned upon descent from the plane. Car seats can be brought into the cabin of the plane, but in this case you will have to pay a place for the child.

Is the child entitled to compensation for the flight?

Yes, the child is also eligible for flight compensation in the event of a flight interruption, but only if you pay a fee for it. There are companies that request 10-15% of the value of a ticket for babies, if they fly in the lap. The child is entitled to the same compensation as an adult, the only difference is if the child flew for free.

Thus, if you have a delay or cancellation of the entire family flight, apply here to check if you are eligible for flight compensation for all family members.

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