The introduction of the new mobile payment method, aimed at improving the passenger experience, makes the Munich airport the first location in Europe in this regard.

After introducing the new payment method “Smart Checkout – Tap, Pay & Enjoy” at one of the retail locations in the airport, the Munich Airport has become the first location in Europe that offers the possibility of payment without cash for passengers.

The new purchasing solution offers passengers a fast, simple, digital and convenient shopping experience, reducing the time required to pay for purchases. In addition, merchants can benefit from lower costs on collection, simplified payment processes, thus limiting congestion at payment offices.

With the new payment system introduced, the airport plays an active role in digitizing retail and shows once again that, together with its vibrant and cosmopolitan location status, it is becoming more innovative. By simplifying the mobile payment process, it offers a better experience to over 48 million passengers annually and to keep up with the technology and their expectations.

Thus, passengers can use their smartphones to book items from store shelves as well as a self-checkout option. Simply scan the product label and pay, eliminating the waiting time from the cash registers.

Customers are redirected to a mobile website for the payment process and are not required to download the application to complete the purchase, unlike other payment systems existing on the European market.

With the new payment implementation, airport representatives are expecting sales growth, especially for goods purchased on the go. It is planned to introduce the new mobile payment system in other locations, including in 12 other free shops and 14 other stores.

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