No one likes long queues at airports, let alone those passengers who run because they are late. Fortunately, thanks to the regulators, available almost worldwide at airports, which provide waiting times depending on the number of passengers and the measurement of time, informs passengers about the time they have to wait. This reduces the anxiety and stress of the passengers and the state of negativity is diminished.

According to the computer survey for SITA in 2019, 77 percent of airports implement or have already implemented queue measurements and waiting time displays.

And yet, communicating the waiting time to anxious passengers is just the beginning. 3D cameras and people count sensors show points that move through a line and heat maps. Hundreds of airports are now extracting more in-depth information about queuing passengers to improve their operational planning decisions. For example, about how and where the personnel perform their activity and how to dynamically increase the capacity of the check-in, immigration and security processes.

In order to prevent infernal queues, airports need to consider several factors, such as: efficiency of processing on tape according to personnel, predicting future blockages based on real time data, all leading to better performance.

A common next step for those already managing queues is to consider managing the entire airport. This is more complex than a quick win, but it offers a significant step in the customer experience and is one of the best ways to maximize the efficiency and revenues of the airport.

Finally, communicating waiting time to passengers is an excellent way to reduce anxiety and to have a forecast on the flow of passengers, to improve their experience. Also, the well-optimized waiting time not only allows greater capacity and reduced bottlenecks at checkpoints, but can also improve operational, financial and airport capacity planning decisions.

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