Boeing started off slow in January 2020, without registering an order for aircraft. This year’s orders for Boeing are missing, compared to its competitor Airbus, which registered orders for 274 commercial jets in January.

Following the March 2019 scandal with Boeing 737 Max models, the company recorded a negative order rate in 2019 – for the first time in decades – when customers canceled or converted orders. Meanwhile, the company managed to deliver 13 new aircraft in January.

Of course, no Boeing 737 Max aircraft were ever sold, as the model was the focus of the two fatal crashes that killed 346 people. Boeing said it expects Max to be recertified by mid-2020.

On Tuesday at the Singapore air show, Dickson (FAA chief) told reporters that there could be a certification flight for Max in a few weeks.

After all, the model has not been put into operation since March last year, because the airlines have restored their air fleet. The company said, however, that testing began with a new software. In a statement explaining the flights, the company said: “These non-commercial test flights with a small on-board testing team will perform short and long-distance flights, looking for weather and altitude conditions that will help meet specific conditions. testing software update. These are not certification flights. ”

Since the unfortunate incident, Boeing engineers have been continuously working on repairing MCAS software and modifying pilot training and procedures so that flight crews are ready to fly with a 737 Max. While the modifications to the 737 Max software are being tested by Boeing, the changes to the pilot training have not yet been finalized and approved by the regulatory authorities. The certification flight could be carried out in the following weeks, according to the FAA chief.

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