First of all, any passenger who has traveled to or from China, Italy or any other country where there have been significant cases of 2019-nCoV, are asked to contact the airport doctor immediately for a careful, urgent examination. During the consultation, the history of the trip will be mentioned. Also, if you initially have no symptoms, but within 14 days they appear, any passenger is required to call 112 to be picked up by a special ambulance.

As for passengers wishing to travel to Coronavirus-infected areas, it is suggested to avoid crowded markets, crowded public places or where live or dead animals are handled. Of course, it is advisable to avoid contact with people who have difficult respiratory symptoms.

Also, hygiene is very important. The mask should only be worn if you have respiratory problems, it is useful not to spread the virus. Wash your hands very often with soap and water, especially after each use of common objects in public spaces, including the seats in the waiting areas of airports.

Last but not least, in addition to Coronavirus, there is also the flu epidemic, for which it is recommended to get the flu shot at least two weeks before making any trip by plane.

If you have a delayed or canceled flight due to Coronavirus, contact a flight compensation agency to check the flight eligibility. At present, in the crisis situation, there are numerous airlines from all over the world that are suspending their flights for fear of being infected with the new 2019-nCoV virus.

For example, a Russian airline suspended all flights to Europe, saying: “Due to the epidemic situation in China and the implementation of restrictive measures by the Chinese authorities and the Russian Tourist Agency for Chinese and Russian tourists, Ural Airlines is constrained cancel a series of flights by the end of winter“, announced the Russian company for the TASS news agency.

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