During the Monday morning, following a drone, flight operations at the Frankfurt airport were suspended. Currently there are no permits for takeoffs and landings, the announcement being made on the official Twitter channel of German air transport. Therefore, as a result of this non-authorization, other delays may occur.

The drone was observed by a pilot, around 11:15 local time, in the southern area of ​​the airport, a statement made by a German police spokesman. Authorities immediately began searching for and identifying the drone, using a helicopter.

The sight of this drone in the air has led to the suspension or postponement of several flights of air traffic from Germany, including from the Frankfurt airport.

Germany is continuing and wants to protect air traffic and airports against drones and is intentionally working on this. Last year alone, this airport was the most affected by drones, with 28 drones being observed. Also, in February, an observation by the drone paralyzed air traffic on the Frankfurt airport for an hour.

Federal police talked about federal sabotage. However, as in the other situations, drone pilots have not been identified. In the German state, piloting drones near airports is strictly forbidden, at least a distance of one and a half kilometers should be kept near take-off and landing areas.

Also, drones are not allowed to fly over public places where there are many people, such as markets, hospitals, schools, public authorities, federal roads or railways.

If you have a delay or cancellation of your flight from Frankfurt Airport, check here if you are eligible to receive a flight compensation of up to 600 euros.

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