The plane that landed from Rome to Beirus, was confirmed that there was no case of coronavirus among passengers. The thermal screening, which was carried out by the doctors assigned to the airport by the Ministry of Public Health, did not show symptoms of coronavirus among the arriving travelers.

Thus, the 73 passengers on board were tested for coronavirus and all are in complete safety, all the more so as none of them showed any symptoms.

On the other hand, it was confirmed the first case of coronavirus in Liban, on February 21, after a Lebanese landed in Beirut on February 20. But 10 days later, this patient was tested and the result was negative, a sign that he was cured, as announced by the Minister of Health on March 3.

Since the spread of coronavirus, Liban has taken precautions and precautions to prevent the spread of this virus and increase cases. However, the Minister of Health recommends avoiding air travel, especially in areas where the outbreak is widespread, they should only occur if there is a need for maximum urgency, to reduce, as far as possible, the coronavirus epidemic.

The ministry has asked all interested parties to postpone, whenever possible, religious, sporting, cultural, tourist and other activities that involve crowds, in order to preserve the health of the citizens and to limit the local spread of the infection with this virus.

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