In almost all cases where you fly there is at least one child in the cockpit. Or, if you are a parent, you may have children on the plane. In general, children cry on the plane and this can often be annoying for passengers or frustrating for parents. And yet, why are children crying on the plane? There are several reasons and factors that they do not understand, and the most common are the following:

– Their ears are clogged, I do not understand what is happening, why this change occurs and that it is temporary.

– There is nothing funny about the plane, which will distract them.

– They are not allowed to take anything from duty free because they are children and are not allowed or have no money.

– They are hungry and they are not allowed to eat what is served on the plane because it is not healthy enough for them. Instead, I get apples or other fruits from my mother’s bag, which is not convenient for them at all.

– The air is very dry in the cabin and I cannot breathe well on my nose. Because of this, they are forced to breathe in their mouth and take their headache.

– In the plane there is another child crying and he finds it funny to scream.

– He hit his knee or elbow a little.

– He ate too much and it hurts his tummy.

– He does not have a bed where he can lie down to sleep, he does not like his arms.

– Does not support seat belt.

– He fell asleep and had a nightmare.

– He looked out the window and was scared he was in the air.

– She has her diaper full.

Of course, there can be multiple other variants, these are the most common reasons why children cry on the plane and beyond. It is important to keep calm both as a parent and as a passenger, because children immediately move from one state to another.

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