Despite the spread of coronavirus globally and reported cases, many want or need to continue traveling. Especially for those who have to fly the plane in business interest, it is necessary to travel to reduce financial losses.

Thus, travel can be continued, regardless of purpose, as long as all necessary precautionary measures are taken to avoid coronavirus infestation. The technology has greatly reduced the need for human interaction, including when it comes to air travel. Internet applications, especially mobile, have eliminated the need for human contact when making a reservation, buying a ticket or checking in.

The first wave of technology came when it was possible to check in online, and the ads are still in the online environment, without the need for sharing flyers or leaflets. In this sense, we can protect ourselves from the spread of viruses, by booking and ordering tickets exclusively online.

Although requests for air travel have dropped greatly due to Covid-19, flights continue and travel remains a necessity for many passengers. The airlines are doing their part to disinfect and clean the cabins, but the responsibility remains for each envy.

Here are some helpful tips for traveling safely by plane despite the coronavirus outbreak:

– Online registration.

– Online check-in and the choice of place in the cabin for boarding, so no interaction with an airline employee is required.

– Try to travel with a hand luggage, to avoid interaction when checking luggage.

– If an interaction is needed, use hand sanitizer immediately or wash hands with soap and water, do not touch the face and eyes area after contact with another person.

– Stores things efficiently in the luggage, so you need to spend as little time in the security area.

– Do not use the toilet in the airplane unless absolutely necessary. Make sure you wash your hands efficiently for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.

– Use a protective mask if you have respiratory fibrosis.

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