First of all, it is worth mentioning that the authorities recommend that all passengers should avoid travel of any kind, especially in areas with high risk of coronavirus infection. It is indispensable to take into account these tips especially the elderly and those with chronic diseases, because they are the most vulnerable.

So, people are flying less, canceling all the trips that could be avoided, so the financial pressure forces the airlines to lower the prices of the flight tickets. This measure is absolutely necessary to be able to continue working, so that it does not lose more revenue.

As more and more passengers avoid traveling by plane due to coronavirus concerns, domestic and international fares have actually collapsed even by 60-80%. For example, a return ticket from Boston to Barcelona, ​​which normally costs $ 681, can now be purchased for just $ 196.

Although the offers may seem particularly tempting, the precaution and the avoidance of the populated areas remains more important. In case the trip is necessary, the necessary preventive and hygiene measures can be taken to avoid infection as much as possible.

The reason for lowering the prices of the air tickets is very simple: the decrease of the transport demand. Experts in air transport mention that some prices are even below the cost cover, but they are obliged to keep these costs to keep the flights. They will most likely have to keep these rates until people are confident they will fly again.

In order to be able to withstand the inevitable crisis, the airlines must continue to sell, in order to pay the expenses: aircraft insurance, fuel, labor.

In over 200 airports around the world, airlines operate under a slots system with allocated take-off and landing times, which ideally prevents overcrowding of the airport by creating an organized system for arriving and departing aircraft. For example, Reagan National Airport in Washington DC is limited to 60 slots (arrivals and departures) per hour.

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