In the case of airplanes, it is quite difficult to keep the recommended distance from one passenger to another. As a rule, it is quite difficult to fit in your own chair, how to keep some distance. According to the recommendations of the specialists, however, in the case of transport by plane, a distance of 6 meters from each other is required.

In order to maintain an even greater distance, the specialists recommend removing the middle seat from both the aircraft cabin and any other means of public transport. This mode of protection could be one of the necessary methods for preventing coronavirus infection, since the elbows of each one often touch the other passenger.

The capacity of the airline industry has dropped dramatically following the coronavirus pandemic, as more than 205,000 people worldwide are infected worldwide today, killing more than 8,200 people. In the US, to date, 7300 coronavirus cases and 115 deaths are reported. In Europe, most coronavirus cases are registered in Italy (over 28 thousand), France, Italy, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The economy in the air environment is on the ground, so that, if the pandemic disappears at some point, it will take a while until things are restored. Precisely for this reason, in order to be financially resilient, airlines have reduced ticket prices by 60-70 percent.

In order to continue traveling safely, it is important to keep an adequate distance from the rest of the passengers, to disinfect your hands periodically, not to put your hand to your mouth, nose, face or eyes, as much as possible to avoid coronavirus infection. Also, it is advisable not to use the toilets in the cabin of the airplane, and not to contact anyone at the airport. Of course, travel should only take place in extremely urgent cases, otherwise it is recommended that any trip be postponed.

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