Heatrow Airport closes all lounges after the government issued an emergency ordinance to this effect.

Airport lounges appear to be a favorable location for the coronavirus pandemic, which is why authorities in several countries, including the UK, have decided that they will be closed for an unlimited period. The decree also provides for the closure of bars, cafes, clubs and restaurants, cinemas, sports halls and theaters.

British Airways has closed the lounge rooms at Heathrow Terminal 5 airport since last week. And yet, the unprecedented and unprecedented decision of the Prime Minister of England, Boris Johnson, surprised airlines and their premium customers, which led to the immediate closure of airport lounges. It is expected that all of these locations will remain closed at least 30 days from now until the virus shows signs that it will disappear.

These measures could also be institutionalized in other countries if the situation of coronavirus spread continues to worsen, thus prohibiting group meetings as much as possible.

Some airlines plan to adopt “social distancing” measures in rooms at other airports, while some companies believe that this measure has no effect, because the lounges are almost empty anyway. Airlines are currently severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic and have canceled tens of thousands of flights worldwide.

In the new circumstances, Heatrow Airport announces that this week terminal 4 will be temporarily closed, airlines being split between terminals 2 and 3, while British Airways is moving its flights to terminal 3. Flights to longer destinations, to the USA or South Africa will be from terminal 5.

If there are no urgent flights, it is advisable to avoid any travel by plane and not only, in order to limit as much as possible the possibility of the spread of the new coronavirus, a global pandemic that we do not know when it will end.

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