London Airport has announced it will temporarily suspend all commercial and private flights due to outbreak of infection with the new coronavirus.

Thus, the suspension of the flights came into force starting March 25, and is expected to be extended until the end of April, according to new preventive measures introduced by the British government.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, air traffic and beyond has decreased globally. Many of the airlines operating outside and outside the London airport suspended their activity from several airports for an indefinite period.

Currently the London City airfield remains open for emergencies, such as for the landing of military troops or other government agencies.

The CEO of the London Airport, Robert Sinclair, said: β€œIn these exceptional times, this is a course of action that is fair and responsible to protect the safety and well-being of our staff, passengers and our city.

He also mentions that the business at the airport level will remain sustainable for a long time, given that the airport is supported by long-term investors and dedicated to it. He is convinced that once the traffic will resume, when the world regains the confidence to travel safely, the airport staff will be prepared to meet the demands and resume normal activity.

During the suspension of the activity, the airport employees will continue to be employed. At the same time, Manchester Airport in the United Kingdom has decided to operate all flights on Terminal 1, starting March 25, 2020.

Covid 19 is a widespread pandemic in China globally. Currently, the largest outbreaks of infections in Europe are in Italy, Spain, Germany, England. In all these countries and beyond, the activity of airports has dropped drastically due to very low demand.

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