American Airlines is one of the airlines that made its first freight after 35 years, given that, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, demand for passenger transportation has dropped dramatically. But most likely this is just the beginning.

As the flights of people are decreasing, the airlines adapt their airplanes that do not have activity, to transport goods from one side to another.

In most cases, freight transport by air is much more expensive than shipping, but in these situations it is extremely useful for emergency situations. Usually, freight planes and people are the same models at the base, but they are only equipped differently.

Unfortunately, airlines around the world cancel hundreds of thousands of flights because travelers choose not to travel for fear of the spread of coronavirus, whether it is completely forbidden in certain states in both America and Europe or Asia.

For example, Wired announced last week that this year it has canceled nearly 200,000 flights as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Cancellations were a combination of the restriction rules in a particular country or simply the wishes of the passengers to stop traveling during this period.

Airlines say the outlook is so bleak in the near future that they have already started asking for financial support from member states. Today, however, the situation is even worse, because, globally, the number of cases of illness increases exponentially from day to day.

Therefore, airlines try to adapt as much as possible and turn some planes into cargo planes. Goods shipped by air are highly urgent and time sensitive, such as documents, pharmaceuticals, clothing, production samples, consumer electronics, perishable fruits or agricultural products.

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