The airline announced yesterday, March 31, that it is temporarily canceling all flights from London Gatwick airport as a result of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Since last month, the company announced that it would have to make personnel layoffs, some of the planes to remain in the hangar, all in order to survive this crisis not only pandemic but also economic.

Passengers affected by this measure will be contacted individually, according to the statements of the company representative “Due to considerable restrictions and an increasingly problematic business environment, like many other airlines, we will temporarily suspend flight schedule at Gatwick Airport“.

British Airways is still operating flights from London’s Heathrow airport, but it is not known for how long. On the other hand, the easyJet competition company announced that, starting this week, all its planes will remain on the ground.

Last but not least, starting today, Gatwick Airport closes two of its terminals. It remains to be seen how long this global crisis will last, it is certain that the pandemic affects, according to statistics, over 95% of domestic and international flights worldwide.

British Airways is founded since 1924 and is the largest airline in the United Kingdom but also one of the largest in Europe. It is the largest by the size of the fleet through the number of international flights and destinations and the second airline of the country in terms of number of passengers transported.

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