After 2 months and 3 weeks, the airport in Wuhan, China, reopened following the coronavirus pandemic. Among the first passengers to leave the area were doctors and nurses who flew to other regions of China to help with the treatment of coronavirus, to stop the outbreak.

However, despite the cancellation of restrictions, not everyone is free to fly from Wuhan. Only those who are considered safe, without being at risk of infection, are allowed to fly to other destinations.

Once the airport has reopened, a series of domestic flights have already been scheduled. China Southern Airline said it operates 28 flights from day one, even though not all of them are commercial flights.

In a gesture of thanks to the medical staff who boarded to fly to other areas of China, they were greeted with flowers at the airport.

Since last week, Wuhan Airport has been disinfected by a team of over 150 people. While some are afraid of getting infected with the Covid 19 virus, others are just waiting to travel. Thus, most flights are considered full 90%.

Given the resumption of activity, flights are generally respected and there are few delays despite the reorganization and appear to operate under normal parameters. Many airlines have made the decision to return to commercial air traffic in China, such as South China, East China, Xiamen, Beijing Capital, Tianjin. They hope to recover as soon as possible the losses suffered during the two months of inactivity.

Travel restrictions

Despite the new travel possibilities, for many of the passengers, traveling by plane from Wuhan Airport is a difficult and stressful one. The Chinese are monitored by an application that tracks their movements, the movements of their neighbors as well as their health. Only those considered to be healers after the scan have a green flying wave.

Although it is very good news that the airport has opened, the world continues to be skeptical and is waiting to see if the virus will continue to spread. But if all goes well, several international flights could reopen in the coming weeks.

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