Singapore Airport has closed the world’s most famous inner waterfall, 130 meters high, while the city is battling the second wave of coronavirus. The waterfall became the iconic piece of the airport and was awarded, but at this time it was closed to comply with preventive measures against coronavirus.

The waterfall is inside the Singapore Airport, also considered a luxury mall, for those with a high lifestyle, opened in April 2019. The Singapore Airport was ranked by Skytrax for seven years in a row as the most beautiful airport in the world, which also includes an IMAX cinema, a supermarket, a hotel and 280 shops and restaurants.

The Rain Vortex Inner Waterfall was designed by a team of engineers from Los Angeles, being inspired by the frequent rains in Singapore. This is surrounded by a four-storey lush greenery facility, called the Shiseido Forest Valley, which comprises over 900 trees and 60,000 bushes. The water from the inner waterfall is collected from the rain and is permanently recycled, 24 out of 7.

Covid 9 is not the first factor that temporarily closed the waterfall, it was temporarily closed, but not due to a global pandemic, but was previously stopped for maintenance.

It is an attraction like other attractions around Singapore, we are in line with government directives to suspend all non-essential services during the Circuit Breaker“, the Business Insider spokesman said.

Initially Singapore was presented as a young model for the spread of coronaviruses. Unfortunately, starting with last week, the city-state partially entered a partial blockade. Practically schools and workplaces are closed and everyone is required to stay home, except for the required food suppliers. The period of the state of emergency will last at least until May 4.

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