Packaging is definitely not the most enjoyable part of preparing for travel or vacation. For most, this can be quite tiring and annoying. Below you will find some useful tips on how to effectively pack your luggage so that it does not become a burden and you can concentrate on vacation and relaxation.

What you need to know before packing your luggage for travel

Before you do your luggage, you must know what size is allowed on the plane, depending on the ticket chosen. The allowed size may vary from one airline to another. Also, for travel by plane, it is not recommended a very expensive bag, which will stand out, because you have every chance that it will “disappear”.

Also, you will never put in the baggage very important acts or things, such as wallet with ID, bulletin, cards, passport, keys, laptop, tablet, phone, glasses or other valuable items. These are carried in your hand luggage, which you take with you to the airplane cabin.

The flight security administration has quite strict rules regarding the things carried, so that the liquid things are only forbidden or only in a limited quantity, and the personal hygiene things must be put in a separate bag.

For example, to take the option of a 5-day vacation, where you can pack things so that it is strictly necessary and that you do not need unnecessary clothes.

– a pair of socks and a lingerie a day

– a pair of pajamas

– 1-2 more elegant outfits, depending on the type of holiday

– 1-2 casual outfits

– 1-2 pairs of slippers or shoes

In most situations, on holidays you can wear the same shirt and pair of pants twice, on different days. In case it is absolutely necessary, most hotels offer laundry services and the possibility to iron clothes.

Regarding personal hygiene products, the following are recommended for holiday luggage:

– shampoo and conditioner

– soap or shower gel

– toothbrush and toothpaste

– contact lens solution if appropriate

– body lotion

– deodorant

– razor

– nail / nail pile / oyster

– hair brush and elastic

If you have to work on vacation, don’t forget the laptop and of course, the phone charger or any other device you take on vacation, such as the electronic cigarette case.

Of course, depending on the type of vacation, you will need related items. If you travel to the sea, you need additional bathing suits and sunscreen. If you go skiing, you will pack the ski suit; if you go swimming, you will need the appropriate items for this sport. Add them to the list as needed.

Once you have the complete list of products you need, depending on the time you travel, you can start packing in an organized way, without fear that you will take too many or fewer items. Don’t forget, before packing, check the baggage rules on the airline’s website that you will be traveling with.

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