In a post-pandemic world, an Italian designer has launched a project with a cabin concept designed to better protect passengers from each other, so that they can travel more safely in terms of the spread of viruses.

The concept of the company, called “Glassafe”, is a solution, practically a kit that can be installed on the existing seats to distance the passengers who sit next to each other through a glass wall, on both sides of the seat.

In this way, the transparent spacing material allows passengers to see and speak, but diminishes face-to-face contact, thus reducing the possibility of contamination with certain transmissible viruses.

Basically, the so-called glass window represents a shield made of transparent material, a protective barrier for everyone, which isolates one passenger from the other. With the help of this concept, including three-seater airplanes in a row could resume their activity, because Glassafe can be easily attached to these seat models as well.

This solution comes during the coronavirus pandemic, when the aviation sector has dropped dramatically by over 90%. The virus is spreading rapidly globally, so passengers are afraid to travel or even forbidden to do so.

Depending on how long the coronavirus pandemic will last, it remains to be seen whether airlines will implement this protection kit in the cabins of its aircraft. What is certain is that with the gradual resumption of flight activities, passengers will certainly be much more reluctant to contact strangers and those around them – whether at the airport or on the plane, and it is possible that isolation from others to become a criterion for selecting the company they will want to travel with.

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