Following the end of the coronavirus pandemic and the resumption of air traffic at London’s Heatrow Airport, some major changes will be required.

Thus, the director of Heatrow Airport warned the passengers to expect some major changes when it will be possible to resume activity at the airport. This will happen, of course, only when it is safe enough to fly again by public transport.

However, it talks about some major changes that would take place, as follows: the need for a health certificate that you present at the time of boarding the plane, to prove that you are clinically healthy to be part of a community; checking the body temperature of all passengers entering or leaving the country; reducing as much as possible the direct contact between passengers; improving hygiene throughout the airport; only passengers with a very low risk of contamination or contamination will be allowed at the airport.

Although the notion of very low risk passenger is not well defined, it is expected that people over 70 will not have flight permits because they are in a particularly vulnerable group, as are other people who have various other comorbidities.

At London airport, air traffic fell by 97% in April 2020, so only two terminals and one runway are open. Even if the coronavirus pandemic will slowly end, the activity seems to be gradually resumed as passengers begin to gain confidence in public spaces again.

However, people must be motivated to fly again, to restart the economy, which is now on the ground in this sector, a phenomenon encountered globally. And for the world to start traveling again, we need these drastic measures of social distance, sanitation and permanent monitoring of passengers entering and leaving airports.

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