Vilnius Airport, the capital of Lithuania, came up with an innovative idea, which turned its airport into a cinema drive-in. Basically, the cinema inside the airport took out the screens in the parking lot, so people could watch a movie from the car.

Due to the coronavirus, Vilnius has almost all flights canceled. So, the airport management teamed up with the Vilnius International Film Festival and they implemented this brilliant idea for people.

Thus, the first film to be shot in the airport parking lot was the winner of the Oscar, the Chinese film Parasite, which was shot on April 29. About 150 cars were present as an audience for watching the film.

Regarding the social distance measures, besides the fact that the passengers were in the cars, each car was parked at least 1.5 meters from each other. The number of people allowed in the vehicle was a maximum of two.

The festival organizers intend to present films weekly, on each continent, adapting to the current conditions imposed by social distance.

Vilnius Airport also supports bars and restaurants, serving drinks and food outdoors. The implementation of this project, say the representatives, was a real challenge, because the whole activity had to be very well thought out, while maintaining the social security norms.

At the same time, this project is a very good opportunity to demonstrate how airports can very well combine aviation activities with events and projects in different formats, to satisfy the need of lovers of recreational activities.

With this idea, Vilnius Airport will also gain notoriety through ingenuity, which can contribute over time to improving the rate of tourists passing through here. In the meantime, as long as the coronavirus period lasts and the strict measures of social distance, any idea or project meant to take the world out of the daily routine but in maximum safety, is welcome and appreciated.

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