The main airport in Romania – Bucharest, Henri Coanda, announces new security measures that have been implemented since May 15.

In order to be up to date with the latest news, passengers are advised to stay in constant contact with the airline with which they are to fly. It is also necessary for passengers to show up at the airport 3 hours before the scheduled flight time. At the same time, passengers must wear protective masks and keep a social distance of at least one and a half meters from each other.

Upon arrival at the airport, passengers will be disembarked at a distance from the terminal, and will be directed directly to the waiting tents. The entire route of the passengers is visibly marked and for the social distances the indications of the stickers placed on the floor will be observed.

Parking is not allowed in the terminal area, which is why all the benches have been removed. The buses that go to the airport to the plane will be occupied in proportion of only 50%, in order to respect the regulated distance. Passengers will enter one by one, those occupying the rear seats will enter first.

It is not allowed to access other people in the terminal except exclusively for passengers, except for those who have good reasons such as purchases from the supermarket or access to toilets.

The entire infrastructure is disinfected at least 10 times a day and along the corridors of departures and departures are located dispensers with disinfectant for passengers, which is recommended to be used especially after checks.

Therefore, if it is absolutely necessary to travel by plane to or from Henri Coanda Airport in Bucharest, it is recommended to observe all safety measures imposed, to prevent the spread of coronavirus and to avoid infection with it. All passengers and staff must follow the rules in order to have as normal an experience as possible, even if some inconveniences may occur, such as longer waiting times in terminals.

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