Doha Airport, after the Coronavirus pandemic, will include a smart helmet and disinfection robots. These implementations, the airport management hopes, to reassure future tourists who will want to resume their activity.

Basically, the airport implementations will be the staff wearing smart helmets with tinted visors, which measure the temperature of each passenger. In addition to the so-called smart helmet, which scans body temperature, Doha airport management has also implemented fully autonomous disinfection robots, thermal screening and ultraviolet disinfection tunnels for baggage sanitation. All these measures are aimed at keeping passengers and staff as safe as possible in the fight against Covid 19.

The airport tries to adapt as well and efficiently as possible to the changes brought about by the spread of coronavirus worldwide, especially in this sector of aviation and tourism.

Among the most attractive implementation ideas of Doha airport is the smart helmet. Within it, infrared thermal images, artificial intelligence and an augmented reality display are assembled. Then there are disinfection robots that emit concentrated UV-C light, which would be enough to eliminate most infectious microorganisms.

The robots would be placed in areas with a large flow of passengers, but will not take the place of disinfection performed by airport staff. They will continue to spray liquid disinfectant where robots cannot reach. Finally, the goal is for all surfaces where there is great contact to be disinfected every 10-15 minutes.

These airport implementation measures will not diminish the social distance, the passengers will also have to respect the rules of social distance imposed globally. The markings on the floor will delimit one person from the other at least 1.5 meters.

Another measure taken will be to encourage passengers to make card payments at the expense of cash payments. The mask will continue to be mandatory from the moment you enter the airport, and for this there will be an automatic detection system for all people who do not wear a mask.

Even though some of the airports worldwide have been closed, Hamad International Airport has continued to operate, and Qatar Airways has continued to operate flights. It is, in fact, among the only airlines that do not complain about the economic losses suffered in the last three months.

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