Montego Bay International Sangster Airport is set to resume operations and receive tourists in the much-loved Caribbean island. Of course, the resumption of the activity takes place with all the prevention measures against corovanirus infection, respecting the social distance and the hygiene and disinfection measures.

Thus, starting with June 15, the airport in Jamaica reopens its gates for international tourists. Upon arrival at the airport the masks will be mandatory, as well as in taxis or hotels.

As early as this week, airport officials began drafting a number of protocols in collaboration with several government agencies, including the Ministry of Health.

The airport’s CEO says it was expected that the new normal would take place in conditions other than those before the pandemic and the resumption of activity exactly as it was initially, is difficult to mention when it will be possible. For this reason, all the airport can do is take all necessary precautions to protect both staff and passengers.

Among a series of preventive measures against Covid 19 imposed at the Jamaican airport are: measuring the body temperature at the entrance to the airport, wearing a mandatory face protection mask, respecting social distance. A glass panel will be installed at the ticket area and measures will be taken to decongest passenger traffic. Last but not least, there will be enough staff to ensure the smooth running of the trips based on the new rules.

In the area with heavy traffic, a constant sanitation will be ensured, such as toilets, as well as disinfectant stations will be installed in several places in the airport. For those passengers or staff who show symptoms of Covid 19, a special area will be set up at Jamaica airport, isolated from the rest of the traffic.

Considering all these measures, the representatives of the airport, of the airlines and of those in the tourist field hope that the activity will be resumed as soon and as well as possible, so that the economy will recover.

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