A British company that deals with the interior design of aircraft, called RAS Completions, claims that its new protection shield, very simple but effective, could prevent the spread of the new coronavirus in aircraft cabins.

According to RAS Completions, the shield is designed to be installed between seats and does not involve removing the middle seat from those planes that have three seats next to each other.

In order to enter into force and be approved, the shield must be approved by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Immediately after approval, the shield would be ready to be delivered to airlines in just two weeks. They are made of transparent polycarbonate, and their role is to protect passengers from transmitting drops of saliva from one to the other through sneezing.

The idea of ​​this shield is to be universal, suitable for any type of commercial aronava. In this case, the airlines would not be helped, which would not have to fly with 50% of the capacity for social distance. Also, the shields are not obstructive, which is why the emergency evacuation or tilting of the seat is not prevented if necessary.

“Simplicity is the best,” says the company’s CEO; “We tried to make them the simplest and most effective way to ensure people’s safety … Our product is very simple to make, it will be cheap, it will do the job – it’s not about appearance, although we obviously understand that we want people to he feels safe in the cabin. ”

Given that airlines are desperate to resume operations because they have already suffered huge losses during their stagnation, most of them will certainly seek to implement solutions that are as affordable as possible.

However, some companies have not yet given up the idea of ​​removing the middle seat to maintain the social distance norm, although the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has suggested that removing the middle seat is unrealistic because companies do not cover their expenses. if flying at low capacity.

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