Dubai Airport is one of the busiest in the world. Hence the probability that the coronavirus pandemic effect will be felt most strongly at this airport.

For example, on terminal 3, where tens of millions of tourists pass through every year, it is now almost completely empty. The picture shows only seven flights to the Emirates, and these after a long break.

Artesian fountains still remain closed at the airport, as do some shops and restaurants. If you have decided to fly at the Dubai airport during the pandemic, you need to know a number of mandatory safety measures, such as wearing a face mask and social distance.

Although Dubai managed to build an empire and an unparalleled tourist and commercial destination, during this difficult period worldwide due to the coronavirus, the airport was forced to lay off some of its staff. However, the management did not provide an exact figure of the number of employees available.

In a press release, the airport management said that, given the catastrophic effects of the coronavirus pandemic, they were simply forced to reduce staff because they could no longer support salaries with very low resources.

Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airport, also said that until there is a vaccine or a drug against Covid 19, he expects tourism activity to remain low for a long time. At the same time, given that the world is afraid to fly, many will prefer to avoid traveling by plane as much as possible during this period.

Yesterday, June 10, 2020, for example, staff and passengers passing through the airport wore protective masks and disposable gloves. Inlet temperature scanners are installed, so all passengers are thermally scanned. The device warns if someone is not wearing a mask or has a high temperature. Plexiglas walls are installed at the counters.

The International Air Transport Association said that this year the airlines will lose $ 84.3 billion due to air transport disruptions. However, in 2021 a market recovery is expected, but not at the level before the pandemic.

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