The privacy of our Clients and as well their private information is treated in the most professional way. When navigating on our website, in order to facilitate the collaboration between ourselves and our customers it is imperative to collect relevant information. This data is tuned by Air Claim SA in accordance with our privacy section policies that we also advise you to check it out.

Every action undertaken on the Air Claim SA website will contribute with information relevant to our business that will help us determine a better strategy for our users, a strategy that will result in benefiting them. We do so by using Cookies.

These are tools that collect information about our users but without accessing their personal or individual data. It will show behavioral information regarding the entire community of those visiting our website instead of revealing their private personal data as individuals.

Understanding you preferences we will be able to offer you a better service. We will not be able to know your identity but we can identify patterns and other relevant information of yourself together with other user belonging to your category of interests.

We manage to do all that by analyzing persistent cookies and also session cookies. The former will persist until an expiration date while the later will stop supplying relevant information as soon as you close you session on our website and will close your browser. Both of these types are part of our strategy for better understanding our customers.

Google Analytics is another useful tool that will ensure that we will comprehend everything there is to know about our site. With this analytic data we will know through statistic the best way that we can be of service to you. The reports generated from these cookies are analyzed only by the designated personnel and this analysis will not extend further than the intended purpose.

This process is not something that we control exclusively. Some of this control befalls on yourself, where you can block or delete these cookies how you wish. This will deactivate a lot of features meant to assist you but will also offer you the freedom to decide for yourself.

The entirety of our cookie policy is due to be modified at any time so if you need to be kept updated on these changes we advise you to verify time at proper intervals in its designated section of our website.