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LOT Polish Airlines flight compensation

Did you establish the details of your flight with the Warsaw-based airline? Whether you travel for leisure or business, keep in mind that air journeys don’t always stick to the plan. When the plane arrives too late to the final destination, you might be entitled to reimbursement from €250 to €600. Here’s how to claim flight compensation from LOT Polish Airlines.

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When will you get flight delay compensation?

LOT Polish Airlines is the flag carrier of Poland and flies to over 100 destinations all across Europe, North America, and Asia. Their fleet of 73 aircraft served approximately 9 million passengers in 2018, so no wonder they were recently awarded the title of the “best airline in Eastern Europe.” They may – or not – be the best, but they still encounter flight disruptions every once in a while. Was your flight with LOT Polish Airlines delayed or cancelled? AirClaim will help you to get reimbursement faster.

According to EU261, if your air travel was delayed by more than 3 hours, you may be eligible for flight delay compensation. Here’s what to consider when claiming reimbursement from LOT Polish Airlines:

  1. Contacting the airline about your problem, and asking them about the reason for the delay. Is LOT Polish Airlines to blame? Was the reason for the delay under their responsibility? In this case, you are a step closer to receiving compensation for the delayed flight.
  2. We’ll them an email to describe what happened or fill their online form with the details of your flight – when it should have departed and when it actually arrived at the destination.
  3. Copies of your flight documents and expenses – for food, drinks, taxi, accommodation, flight tickets – if they apply, can speed up the process.
  4. We will send these copies to the LOT Polish Airlines customer service, then wait – up to several weeks – until we receive a positive answer to your claim for flight delay compensation or move forward from there with negotiations.

Claiming flight cancellation compensation from LOT Polish Airlines

AirClaim will take all the necessary steps to help you receive flight cancellation compensation from LOT Polish Airlines. Submit your flight details on our calculator, and we will tell you the exact amount you can get from the airline.

Was your flight less than 1,500 km and delayed for 3 hours or more? LOT Polish Airlines owe you €250.

The air travel distance was 1,500-3,500 km, and the delay 3 hours or more? The airline should pay you €400.

The total flight distance was longer than 3,500 km, and the delay longer than 4 hours? You should claim €600 flight reimbursement from LOT Polish Airlines.

But when your air travel is annulled within 2 weeks before the flight, the airline should pay you flight cancellation compensation. In case the alternative flight – re-route – reaches the final destination with a delay longer than 2 hours, once again, the airline is obligated to offer flight repay.

Are you well aware of your air passenger rights? Let the AirClaim team help you to get back what’s legally yours. Send us the information about your flight with LOT Polish Airlines, and we will make sure that you receive flight compensation!


Let the experts from AirClaim handle your situation professionally! We will help you to fill the compensation form and get back what is yours. Submit your information on our reimbursement calculator, and find how much Austrian Airlines should offer you as flight compensation!

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