New coronavirus prevention measures could mean arriving 4 hours before the plane takes off. The measures also provide disinfectant tunnels. This time is necessary due to the additional procedures that must be performed before boarding the aircraft cabin.

Additional prevention measures include disinfectant tunnels. These refer to the structures that passengers pass through, where both they and their luggage are sprayed with disinfectant solution. Boarding would be different, meaning that passengers would be called by the number of the chosen seat in the cabin of the plane. This measure would be useful to avoid congestion and waiting lines.

The transport security administration has already implemented some new security measures and rules at airports, such as social distance. They must keep a distance of at least 6 meters from each other when waiting to board the plane. Areas that are frequently touched by passengers are constantly disinfected, while employees wear masks and protective gloves.

Some airlines offer gloves and a protective mask to passengers who do not have them. Some also offer the possibility that flight tickets that have been canceled due to the coronavirus can be reused, ie rescheduled the flight at a possible date.

For example, American airlines such as American, Delta, JetBlue, and United have officially announced that all passengers must wear protective masks when traveling by plane. However, the number of flights is still 90% lower than before the coronavirus pandemic.

The situation is not good at all, but for the airlines. Representatives of major airlines say they have to spend an average of 10 billion dollars a month on Covid 19, even though they currently earn only 10-15% of the required amount. This can only lead to staff reductions and pay cuts to deal with the situation. Unfortunately, it is expected that the activity will not be able to resume 100% soon, because the world is reluctant to travel.

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Principalul avantaj este ca operatorul aerian nu poate sa ne contrazica. Un pasager nu are instrumentele necesare sa contrazica o rezolutie si de multe ori nu poate fi probata de catre acesta. Bataia de cap si tot stresul este lasat pe seama noastra. Tot ce trebuie sa faci e sa te bucuri de vacanta ta in continuare si sa lasi toate aceste griji pe mainile noastre.

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