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SWISS flight compensation

If you have arrived at your final destination with a delay of more than 3 hours, according to the European Regulation EU 261, you are entitled to flight compensation. Whether you fly inside the European Union or from an EU airport to a non-EU destination, the air company operating your air travel should reimburse you for your time. How should you claim flight compensation from SWISS?

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Learn how to claim flight delay compensation from SWISS

Swiss International Air Lines is commonly referred to as SWISS and operates domestic and international flights to over 100 destinations found in 46 countries. The national airline of Switzerland has a fleet of about 90 aircraft that carried a total of almost 18 million travelers in 2018 alone.

Were you one of the passengers, and the SWISS flight hadn’t arrived at the final destination on time? You might still be eligible for flight delay/compensation. Check the online calculator on the AirClaim website, and learn how much the airline is obligated to pay.

Here’s how to claim flight delay compensation from SWISS International Air Lines:

  • First, check the actual take-off and landing time of your flight if you can – they may change it last-minute.
  • We will get in touch with the SWISS customer support, ask them about the reason for the delay/cancellation, and get the answer in writing, if possible.
  • Was your flight delayed by 3 hours or more? The EU Passenger Right Regulation, more particularly EU 261 from 2004, entitles you to flight delay compensation up to €600. Hire the AirClaim experts to retrieve what is yours or do it yourself by filling the SWISS online application to claim reimbursement for your delayed flight.

How fast will SWISS pay flight cancellation compensation?

If your booking is cancelled, you can request a ticket refund. Then, apply with the post-flight complaints to claim compensation for your cancelled flight. You had to spend extra on food, drinks, taxi, and accommodation? Note every detail of your expense, as well as your flight details, and the reason why it was cancelled. Everything can help. Send an email to our customer support regarding SWISS flight disruption, and wait for a response.

In most of the cases, reimbursement claims are solved between several weeks to a few months. Sometimes, the answer won’t even be the one desired. SWISS may refuse to pay the flight cancellation compensation when the communication isn’t effective, or you haven’t told them all of the details of your flight. What should you do?

Apply to professionals! The specialists from AirClaim are experienced in dealing with flight compensation claims and will represent your interest until you get a refund. Instead of filling the application form on the SWISS web page, you should let the AirClaim team administer and supervise the recovery process.

Do you want to claim flight compensation from SWISS International Air Lines? Contact them on your own, and you may end up with a decline to your claim. But if you request the help of AirClaim, we will increase the probability of getting compensation for your delayed/cancelled flight.


Let the experts from AirClaim handle your situation professionally! We will help you to fill the compensation form and get back what is yours. Submit your information on our reimbursement calculator, and find how much Austrian Airlines should offer you as flight compensation!

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