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TAROM flight compensation

You got to the airport on time, only to find out that the weather wasn’t compatible with the operation of your flight with TAROM. Perhaps you even went through the security check, when the airport staff announced the delay or cancellation of your air travel. What are your rights in case of delayed flight due to severe weather conditions? Learn when to claim flight compensation from TAROM.

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Know your rights before requesting flight delay compensation

The flag carrier – and oldest currently operating airline in Romania – is based near Bucharest and operates flights to over 50 destinations. The TAROM fleet has 23 aircraft and carried 2.74 million passengers in 2018 alone – with 40% more air travellers than in the precedent year. Sometimes, TAROM encounters flight delays due to severe weather conditions, or they even cancel routes due to low passenger numbers.

Were you in this situation? The European Law EU261 protects your rights and entitles you to flight delay/cancellation compensation if TAROM was to blame for the disruption of your air trip. You can claim reimbursement between 250 EUR and 600 EUR when your flight was delayed by more than 3 hours.

Ask for the expertise of AirClaim, and our experts will tell you how much should TAROM reimburse you.

If your air trip with TAROM was delayed or cancelled because of “impracticable meteorological conditions,” you are not eligible for reimbursement. However, you should check if this was really the reason behind the disruption of your flight. There were situations where AirClaim enforced air travellers’ rights and got compensation for alleged “severe weather conditions” – with the real cause being a technical defect.

Is it easy to claim flight cancellation compensation from TAROM?

You might consider heading to the TAROM counter and just ask for reimbursement for your cancelled flight. It sounds easy! But the staff will probably tell you that you aren’t eligible. Back in the past, the company tried to wave its obligation to pay compensation to travelers, claiming the disruption was due to bad weather. The truth eventually came out – and TAROM reimbursed passengers, as the delay was due to a mechanical problem.

If you want to choose the hard way, fill the TAROM application and claim flight cancellation compensation on your own. Divulge them your flight information, provide proof of your expense, and keep evidence of everything you discuss with the airline staff. It will take a while until they answer and approve your claim – but you can get up to 600 EUR.

If you want to choose the easy way, hire the professionals at AirClaim! Our specialists will fill in all the required forms as soon as you provide them the details of your flight, when you arrived, or what happened about the cancelled air trip. Then, we will administer and supervise the recovery process, until you will receive reimbursement for delayed/cancelled flight from the airline.

Did TAROM delay or cancelled your air journey, and it was their fault? AirClaim will help you to get flight compensation fast! Submit your information on the AirClaim calculator, and find how much money you should get!


Let the experts from AirClaim handle your situation professionally! We will help you to fill the compensation form and get back what is yours. Submit your information on our reimbursement calculator, and find how much Austrian Airlines should offer you as flight compensation!

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