Air Claim SA Privacy Statement

Privacy is extremely important for us. When we talk about data protection, any other policy or statement that we may have will only be coordinated with keeping and disclosing of your personal data in a properly and professional way. This will be done so with respect to your confidentiality.

Everything contained in this privacy statement will refer to Air Claim SA.

Air Claim SA, for having its residency within the European Union boundaries, will deal with your personal information in accordance to the EU rules and legislation. Our entire company purpose is tuned with such legislative environment.

All our activities regarding the handling of your personal information will be explained in this statement. From what kinds of information we are gathering to how we will conduct the process of utilizing this data.

We have built our policies in conformity with European Union regulations from 2016 number 679. It is called the General Data Protection Regulation. This helps people by offering them rights in order to increase the protection of their privacy.

Air Claim SA has the obligation to make sure that this policy is followed by the letter and also to make sure that all involved will conform to everything stated in here.

Air Claim SA will monitor all the relevant data and its privacy. All methods employed into processing and handling of such information will be supervised and kept in check by the Air Claim SA accordingly.


All the policies of Air Claim SA will use as a guide the following principles in order to ensure a propel handling of personal information:

  • The collecting of private data and handling of it will be done in a transparent, legal and honest manner
  • Whenever we will ask you for your personal data we will only do so in a lawful and appropriate way
  • When we will ask for your personal data we will do so only for the reasons relevant to the pursuit of your Claim.
  • We will tend your personal info in a way that will ensure their accuracy
  • If some data will prevail to us and it will not be for the scope of this Claim then we will make sure that within all our resources and reasonable limits we will make sure to erase it in order to protect your privacy. Such rectification will be done in the shortest time span possible.
  • The system that will hold your data will identify in reasonable time those parts that are no longer of use for the purpose of the claim and will make sure to remove them from our storage to ensure the privacy of your information.
  • Your personal information will be held in a system that will guarantee that its security will be properly presented.
  • You private information will be disclosed to third parties only for the purpose of benefiting your claim and only if such action will prove relevant to your case.
  • When handing over your personal data to Air Claim SA you will be able at all time to retract it, erase it, modify it or restrict it in any way you deem necessary. Air Claim SA will comply with the wishes of its Clients in any regards on this subject.

Personal Data

Any information about a person that can lead to its identification and hold personal details in relation to that person are considered to be personal data. Names, addresses, phone numbers, birth date and others are some examples of what personal data can represent.

The collection of personal data

Because of the nature of our services in order to help people to claim their right of flight compensation we will require from them to submit to us some of their personal information. In order to come with a solution for their problem we need first to evaluate it and for that we need to identify all the variables regarding their situation.

In order to verify that a claim falls under the incidence of the EC 261 regulation we will need to be provided with names, addresses, phone number, flight details and all other relevant personal information in order to determine if a flight did or did not been delayed, overbooked or canceled.

By collecting this personal information we will also be able to communicate the relevant details that the passengers will need to know regarding their situation. The whole activity of Air Claim SA revolves around these principles. The entire process that will result for the passenger in collecting his or her compensation starts with the collection of their personal data relevant to their cases.

The use of personal data

The data that is collected will be utilized for the pursuit of the Client’s Claim. Air Claim SA will keep this data only for the period of time necessary to achieve for the Client the compensation that the EC 261 entitles him or her to receive.

Only the designated personnel of Air Claim SA will have access to this personal information. They will only utilize it for its intended purpose and proper authorization.

Use of Cookies

Like any other website Air Claim SA will use cookies that will help our company to learn how to better serve our customers that we provide our service to. It will analyze the behavior of our users on our website as a whole. The data presented to our administrators is categorized in statistics that are not offering information on single individuals.

Everything that cookies stand for and the entirety of their technology is implemented in full effect on this website. If you do not agree with this form of cooperation between Air Claim SA website and yourself then the realization of an Agreement will be made impossible and therefore you must leave this website and not pursue the employ our services for helping you in the reimbursement of your claim.

We stored further information regarding this matter on Use of Cookies section. Please read it for further details and clarification.

Sharing of the personal data

The only parties that we will share your personal information data with will be those that make the object of the Agreement. Because of that we will be able to pursue you Claim for the purpose of generating for you the compensation that is owed under the EC 261. We will disclose to them only the data that is relevant regarding the action taken by them for the advancement and resolve of your case. Any issue regarding that can be taken to one of the Air Claim SA administrators where you can talk about your preferences regarding this matter. The contact details for this action are found on this website.

Security of processing

The way we will handle all of your personal data will be made in the most secure way possible. Both from the stand point of our personnel that will handle such data and by transferring it to appropriate parties via networks and communications platforms. Ensuring zero exposure to accidents or ill use of your private information will guarantee a safety and secure environment where your Claim can be resolve in the best manner possible.

Access, modifications and deletion of your personal data

At all-time the Client has the ability to access it personal data and in addition to that he or she can request its deletion or reediting. In order to make sure that all things will run as initially intended we need to make sure that appropriate communication is established between ourselves and the Client especially in the eventuality of data updating. If there are any doubts regarding the handling of your personal data or you have an opinion regarding of its presentation to third parties you can use our contact data and establish a communication line with us in order to decide together what to do with it in a satisfactory way for yourself.


Regarding the General Data Protection Regulation, Air Claim SA will be able at all time to confirm its conformity with all the articles contain in the GDPR. As such we take the entire responsibility for anything concerning it. In order to ensure that, reports containing all the relevant data for this matter in question will be well documented and we will be able at all time to demonstrate our commitment to these principles, both to authorities and our Clients. Further details on the matter will be provided by contacting us on the details made public on our website.


Clients will be able at all time to register a complaint regarding all aspects of us handling their own personal private information. The appropriate designated personnel will make sure that such complaints are administrated accordingly and the Client will have the last say in any decision making on this subject. Such complaints can be filed with the help of the contact details presented on our Air Claim SA website.

Changing of policy

All the guidelines of our policy can change depending of various factors. Form the modification of legislation or simply from the adjustment of the managing system of Air Claim SA.

Even though we are entitled to such modifications they will only affect Clients that has not entered an Agreement with us yet. In this eventuality it is likely that you will be properly notified by our designated personnel. Reading the terms and all the relevant information made available to you on our website will make sure that you will always possess the necessary data to help you take the best decision possible for your situation.