No one wants his plans to travel be overheaded just because of a flight delay. But however, these things happen, unfortunately, quite often.

Annually, statistics show that around one million flights are postponed and the figure is kept year on year. Among the main causes of delays are the aviation system, the weather and the problems of the airline.

It is to be noted that a flight is considered delayed if it leaves 15 minutes later than it was scheduled.

Weather is not the main factor of a flight delay

According to the Transport Department of the Transport Statistics Bureau, airlines cause more flight delays than weather conditions. Generally, the reasons are computer malfunctions, mechanical failures, flight crew shortages or various other issues that cause millions of minutes late flight annually. Sadly, airlines problems have surpassed what is considered to be the main factor, the weather . In fact, flight delays due to weather are only third, the second reason being the delays of the national aviation system.

Lack of staff

One of the most frequent reasons for postponing a flight is the lack of staffl because it has left the work shift. This is one of the most frustrating reasons for postponing a flight. generally, staff work between certain time intervals, and once they arrive at their destination, returning would mean overcoming working hours. Of course, besides this, part of the staff can get sick, because frequent flying at high altitudes can have an impact on the crew.

Lack of planes

It often happens that airline staff make more reservations than the capacity they have at their disposal. Flight overwriting is waiting for last minute flight cancellations or flight changes. Thus, if all passengers have to be served, the aircraft is overflown or there is simply no plane to fly. Sometimes, that plane has been repaired and there is no onother one to replace it.

The pilot can not fly

There may be situations when the pilot is considered unfit to conduct the race. Both, he and his co-driver, must be in a good physical and mental state, so that the safety of the passengers is not endangered.

Mechanical problems

Every flying plane must be in perfect condition. Thus, flights are often stopped, delayed or canceled because an aircraft defect has occurred and the track has to be replaced or repaired.

Making a flight in maximum safety conditions involves a complex network of on-site operations as well as from different locations or even during the flight. Although the airplane is in a perfect state of operation, it could be landing or take-off issues, air traffic problems, connectivity or planning and airport issues.

What you can do if your booked flight is canceled

No one wants a flight to be canceled or delayed – neither the passengers, much less the companies, who will suffer large financial losses. And yet, it happens. Always, cancellation of a flight is aimed to prevent and safe the passengers and crew.

In this situation, the best option is keeping calm and contacting the airline’s customer service to see what alternatives can be. It is also possible to contact an airline recovery agency to receive the compensation, depending on the loss suffered due to the related circumstances.

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