Our Mission

In the universe of flights, every passenger deserves respect and fair treatment. At AirClaim, we dedicate ourselves to your rights. Always remember that, regardless of delays, cancellations, or connection issues, we’re here to turn your frustration into compensation. Together we can make the journeys more pleasant.

Strauț Andrei

CEO AirClaim

Flight delay compensation

Unexpected travel disruptions? If your flight gets canceled with short notice, you could be eligible for compensation up to EUR 600, in addition to your refund. Know your rights and make the most of your travel experience and get your flight delay compensation now.

Canceled flight

Experiencing flight delays over 3 hours? You might qualify for compensation of up to EUR 600. Don’t let prolonged delays ruin your travel – know your entitlements and claim what you deserve for the inconvenience because of your canceled flight. Get your refund for a canceled flight now!