Sleeping anywhere and anytime is a rarely acquired capacity. Often, although we are extremely tired, we can not fall asleep instantly. However, during an airplane flight, especially if it is a long distance, a good sleep could ease the time and, at the same time, we would be more restful at the destination.

Whether you are on a business trip, study trip or enjoying a pleasant vacation, here are some useful tips you can put into practice for a quiet sleep during your flight:

Use a travel pillow

The travel pillow, which supports the neck and head, is ideal for extra comfort and for a relaxing sleep during the flight. It does not take up much space and is extremely practical. It can be an inflatable pillow, one with memory foam or a micro-fiber pillow. A window seat will allow you to better support your head on the pillow.

Block the noise, light and disturbances

If it’s a long flight, it’s recommended to have your sleeping mask in your bag, put it on your eyes and block the light and ear plugs for noise. On a plane, people usually go to the toilet, socialize, laugh, so you might be disturbed by the surrounding noise.

Dress up comfortably

During an airplane trip, the recommendation is to wear comfortable clothing and footwear.. It is very important to be comfortable from all points of view for a pleasant flight.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Drinking alcohol may indeed help some people to fall asleep faster. However, alcohol consumption reduces the overall quality of sleep, it can lead to awakening sooner without re-sleep and triggers the constant need to go to the toilet. Regarding the caffeine, it is advisable to avoid it a few hours before flying, if you want to sleep. Besides the invigorating effect, it can also cause stomach upsets, which leads to the need to go often to the toilet.

Eat light foods before flying

The advice is generally valid for both flight and restful sleep at home – before, eat easily digestible foods that do not cause discomfort to the stomach or bloating.

Choose a chair from the window

A window seat offers more facilities, as you can support the pillow, control the window light and, in addition, you will never be disturbed by the partner who should walk over you. Also choose a place away from the toilets so you will not be disturbed by the people around you.

A good solution to get some benefits, such as choosing your favorite place on the plane, would be to travel as much as possible to the same airline. This will keep the client profile for which, at some point, it would offer some fidelity benefits.

Following these useful tips, you will reduce the effects of insomnia during your flight and at the destination you will feel fresh and rested, ready for the new challenge.

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