Often, trips can be frustrating, especially after the steps you have to follow until you finally get to the airplane cabin seat. From check-in, baggage delivery, passage of security level, crossing the entire airport to the airplane, seating will definitely be a relaxing escape.

The only thing you want is probably a quiet journey, without too much laughing in the cabin and finally to your destination, whether it’s vacation or business trip.

Unfortunately, a growing number of passengers face irritating behavior during airplane flights. From passengers who smell of sweat to those who occupy places for mothers with children, they can create anger and nervousness towards those around us.

Such problems have begun to be so disturbing that the London City Airport, has posted a tagged guide to people who have bad behavior during the flight.

The guide is called “Plane Manners” and highlights the worst behaviors of a passenger during the flight, urging them to rethink how they will spend their time on a flight.

The airport also displayed the top 10 most annoying habits during a flight in order to shame those passengers who behave like this.

The biggest problems of behavior are related to the limitation in the personal space they have when they sit on the airplane seat. Either lie down with the elbow on the seat of the neighbor, either stretch their legs under the front seat, or leave their back seat so it disturbs the passenger behind him.

Airport representatives say that on an airplane we generally travel with strangers and we are closer to them than ever before, so it is normal for some things or gestures to irritate us.

They also suggest that they behave in a civilized manner during the flight so that they do not bother others – as we do not support a stranger on a bank in the park, so on the plane we should not leave the chair to the very back, knowing we were disturbing the passenger behind us.

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