Is it the first time you’re flying on the plane? In this case, you may have some questions that you do not know how to find an answer, the more you are probably ashamed of friends because you have not yet flown.

If the flight you are about to make is a long one, the most probable you will be looking for tips on how to rest during the flight.

Preparing documents

Unfortunately, many passengers go to the airport without having all the documents necessary for the flight, which leads, from the first trip, to an unpleasant experience. The main document is airline ticket and check-in, identity card and, where necessary, passport. Personal documents must be within the validity term, so make sure you are on time before traveling.

Once you have arrived at the boarding gate and the staff have taken the check-in, you will get a boarding pass. After you pass the security service, you’ll be waiting in the airport room to take the bus to the plane.


Even the most experienced travelers are sometimes confronted with the problem of the size of their luggage, as they differ depending on the airline. Depending on what you choose on the ticket, you can only have your hand baggage or baggage. And for baggage check-in must be done. There are also restrictions on things that can be taken in baggage, depending on the company. So check the list of the airline’s website carefully to avoid unpleasant boarding.

During the flight

Once you have arrived at the plane, you must find the reserved seat and place the appropriate hand baggage. Subsequently, the flight crew will provide little instruction on flight safety, safety belt closure and opening and a few actions in an emergency.

Taking Off

Take-off sensation may be slightly unpleasant for some passengers, especially for the first time. You can feel a stomach void or fill your ears, an absolutely normal thing. The plane will slowly rise from the ground, and you will be able to admire the city’s top view. This panorama is absolutely superb, and you only have the chance to admire it in such situations.

From now on, you can comfortably, read a magazine, serve the snack you receieve, read a book, listen to music, look at a movie, or sleep in a position as comfortable as possible destination.


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