Milan Linate Airport is about to be closed at the end of this month for refurbishment for three months. Closure is scheduled and will run from July 27 to October 27. This decision will affect approximately 2.5 million passengers and 30 thousand flights redirected to other airports in the area.

Thus, in the summer season, flights will either be at Milan Malpensa (MPX) or Milan Bergamo (BGY), even though both are far farther from the city center.

The main purpose of the paper is to renovate the tracks. This airport is managed by the SEA group, which also manages other airports such as Malpensa (MPX). In addition to the necessary repair of the track, it will be renovated and the facade of the renewed being also some interior areas, including the luggage pick-up area and the arrival hall.

Milano Linate is considered to be the nearest airport to the city, being just 7 kilometers from the center of Milan, compared to Malpensa, which is 49 kilometers away.

Carriers operating flights to Milan Linate include Aer Lingus (from Dublin), Alitalia (from London and London Heathrow), British Airways (from London City, London Heathrows and London Stansted) and Easyjet (London Gatwick).

The official announcement is as follows: “The Milan Linate Airport will be closed for improvement works between July 27 and October 27, 2019. The most convenient airports in Milan and the surrounding areas will be Milan Malpensa and Bergamo Orio al Serio. Milano Malpensa and Bergamo Orio al Serio serve more passengers than Linate, so there will still be many flight opportunities in Milan, but travelers in the region will be affected. ”

So, if you are looking for flights to Milan Linate in the next few days and you can not find out what the reason is.

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