It is a true fact that the middle seats are the worst seats in a plane. Things are all the more unpleasant if there are foreign passengers on your left and right, you will feel embarrassed.

A new interior design of the planes could change this aspect, or at least make the journey experience a bit more enjoyable.

The Colorado S1 design, the Molon Labe Seating, features three economical chairs in a layered layout, putting the rear seat back slightly behind the side seats, and at a slightly lower height.

Thus, moving the middle seat to the rear a few centimeters means more space for the passenger, the more the company made the middle seat 3 to 5 centimeters wider than the standard seat.

These types of seats are designed for shorter flights, but the company plans to develop prototype seats for long flights, including more screens and larger TVs.

How long can the passengers test these seats? These have already been certified in America by the Federal Aviation Administration, being manufactured by Primus Aerospace in Colorado. The company’s representatives hope that by the beginning of April 2020 they will be available for at least two airlines, although it did not specify which of them.

These types of middle seats are present on airplanes that carry passengers on short distances, particularly between states in America.

The company also says that these types of seats will not only benefit passengers, but also airlines, as they are lighter than the company’s standard seats, which could reduce fuel costs.

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