When we hear of Dubai, it remains one of the most luxurious tourist destinations in the world. And yet, Doha, the small capital of Qatar, is trying to catch up with the most luxurious resort in the Gulf.

Banana Island offers tourists a luxurious 800-meter beach, dream landscapes, swimming pools, golf, helicopter, scuba diving and many other leisure activities. Tourists also have many outdoor activities such as scuba diving, kayaks, snorkeling, surfing.

The spa remains the resistance piece, offering a wide range of meats, packs, detox and nutrition programs tailored to each individual customer, according to his needs.

From the point of view of the season, October and June are avoided for a visit to Doha, as temperatures can reach up to 54 degrees Celsius. The best period of the year is between January and May when temperatures are up to 30 degrees.

Costs are more affordable than Dubai, a room costing between 300-3000 euros on a villa beach per night, prices varying depending on the period of the year.

The location is just 20 minutes away by car from Hamad International Airport, but it can also be reached by the luxury catamaran ferry, which transports 45 passengers within 25 minutes.

A great luxury and comfort, the resort makes a good impression at first sight, like Malvida, resort with opulent cameras overlooking the sea – this is the Banana Island Resort Doha.

Numerous restaurants in the resort serve a wide variety of dishes, ranging from traditional delicacies in the Middle East and Asia to the classic American and delicious Italian gourmet restaurants.

If you are traveling with your family, there is also a cinema for children, clubs, various activities and including a swimming pool with slides.

To launch 2015 construction work that lasted 3 years, the resort received more than 1.4 million tourists, especially from Qatar, Germany, the United Kingdom.

The destination is perfect for lovers of night adventures as well as for lovers of peace and perfection, away from Doha streets, agglomeration and stress.

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