Focusing on Hamburg airport goals for 2019 remains firm – to invest in new digitalization, personal training and infrastructure solutions. Although last year it had a slight decrease in the number of passengers, it still served over 17 million passengers, generating a constant level of satisfaction.

Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO of Airport Airport in Hamburg, mentions that he wants to provide passengers with a pleasant travel experience, along with the greatest possible comfort. It also mentions that the airport has invested a great deal in improving the comfort of passengers, from the qualification of the staff working within the airport, to the implementation of the latest technologies, which brings value added for travelers.

Thus, improvements include the installation of 20 kiosks in which you leave your luggage alone in Terminal 1. These are currently used by Eurowings, Air France, KLM and easyJet, recently introduced by Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, SWISS and SAS Scandinavian Airlines.. Another 10 kiosks will enter service at Terminal 2 in 2020.

Optimized infrastructure, upgraded security checkpoints, new luggage kiosks and more staff available to help passengers have helped ensure efficiency and increased comfort.

The new luggage service is particularly well received and praised. “With complete baggage check, passengers enjoy even more independence and flexibility on departure,” says Eggenschwiler. He added that “The goal is to optimize the travel experience of passengers and provide them time-saving processes. What makes the Hamburg self-service option so special is that the kiosks can be used by various airlines, so that passengers no longer have to search the counter for the airline or for a specific self-service kiosk. Another 10 kiosks will enter service in terminal 2 in 2020. ”

Also, the Federal Police will replace the bands at the central security control point in the coming months, with only 18 bands instead of 25, but they will be wider and wider. Thus, despite the smaller number of lanes, passenger capacity will increase, with passengers having the opportunity to outdo each other. As part of the remodeling work, the airport installed new stations for pre-sorting cabin baggage in mid-February 2019.

Beginning with April 2019, passengers enjoy a redesigned shopping experience at the airport in Hamburg. Several retail spaces on the pier and Plaza Airport have been remodeled since the beginning of the year, including the flagship Heinemann Duty Free store, with new brands and a modern design.

Finally, given that air traffic is growing, Hamburg Airport is adapting to the new modern requirements to provide the best possible passenger travel experience.

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