Wizz-Air has scheduled two new low-cost destinations from London Southend airport in Europe, to Vilnius, Lithuania and to Bucharest, Romania.

London to Vilnius

This race will be functional twice a week, Tuesday and Saturday

London to Bucharest

This race will run at a higher frequency, every day except Tuesday and Saturday. Both flights will operate with an Airbus A320 aircraft.

Now, given that the routes are on different days, it is only an assumption that the same aircraft will perform both flights, because Wizz Air has not confirmed or denied this. A third route to Sibiu Romania is being speculated, but this is not confirmed by the airport representatives.

These new routes are a win-win for passengers. Even though London Southend Airport is smaller than Heathrow or Luton, it is only 50 minutes from central London. The benefits are even greater as fares with Wizz Air are reduced compared to other airlines. The airport is also working with other rail transport companies to provide trains to the airport and to improve the mode of transport.

It is speculated that Wizz Air has signed a contract with the airport for the next 5 years. Also, by 2023 the company would bring more than 5 million passengers to the airport, thus becoming an important airline for it.

“The agreement with Wizz Air represents another significant milestone in the development of the UK’s fastest growing UK airport, London Southend Airport,” said Warwick Brady Executive Director for Proactive Investors. He added that “The partnership increases the domestic and European destinations that we can offer to our clients over 40 years by adding interesting and increasingly popular destinations in Central and Eastern Europe.”

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