The window seat or better the aisle? is the controversial question many passengers have, especially if they are at their first experience with flying.

In fact, one of these two places is preferential, depending on the habits and the type of activity you are going to do during the flight.

For example, if you prefer to sleep while flying by plane, it would be preferable to choose a window seat, because it is quite annoying for someone to get over your seat to reach the seat. On the other hand, if you want a panoramic view and admire the scenery, also the place from the window is the best.

But if you are a person who often gets up from the chair, often to go to the toilet, for example, the best solution is to choose the chair from the hallway. Many people prefer to go to the toilet if it is more a flight, just to lower their legs a little, and to stay for a few minutes and in a different position than sitting.

It is worth noting that if you choose the seat next to the aisle, you will always be disturbed by the window if you want to get up. If you are in a group and the person next door is a acquaintance, relative or family member, this will not be a problem. But if you travel to the left or right with a stranger, this may be disturbing.

On the other hand, passengers who have a seat near the aisle, have quick and easy access to the bag in the air compartment, as will the first ones when the plane has arrived at its destination.

Therefore, the best place on the plane depends on the comfort you want, depending on what activities you do on the flight path, which often depends on the distance traveled.

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