According to the specialized studies in the field, the most unfavorable day for a plane trip is Friday. However, the following, on Saturday, is best for a pleasant, quiet and relaxing flight.

Statistics show that most flight delays are recorded on Fridays, and at the same time a great crowd, while on Saturday it is a quiet, relaxing day, with the least canceled or delayed flights recorded.

In Romania, at hourly level, the most punctual flights are between 22 and 5:59, while the most frequently reported problems are between 16 and 21:59, the time of Romania.

Also, Friday tickets are generally about 10-13% more expensive than on Sunday. The reason is that passengers who are not flying in the interest of service are tempted to buy weekend tickets, while business passengers reserve them on Fridays. Tuesday is considered a good day to catch last minute deals or great prices on flights.

The reason for the cheap tickets Tuesday would be that the airline employees on Monday check the flights over the weekend. If there were not enough receipts, I take out a ticket promotion on Tuesday to cover his ticket. As a rule, promotions, within the available places, expire on Friday, when prices start to rise.

Of course, the sooner you book a plane ticket, the higher your chances of catching a better price. Ideally, you should book your ticket about two months in advance. The computers are also responsible for the ticket prices, depending on the time and weekly interval, but also according to the competing companies. They analyze every detail and criterion to get the highest sales. If a race is not very attractive, computers may suggest a price reduction to sell, however tickets.

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