A heavy winter storm, with snow, strong wind and frost caused major disruptions to travelers returning from Thanksgiving holiday at US airports.

Thus, starting Monday night this week, 814 flights were canceled and over 6200 were delayed, according to the Flightaware.com flight tracking site. However, the disturbances worsened later in the day.

For example, some flights arriving at LaGuardia Airport in New York and Boston International Airport were delayed by up to two or even three hours, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

Newark Airport was the most affected by the storm, over 13% of its program, meaning more than 190 flights, while more than a quarter of flights to this airport were late to arrive.

From Boston to San Francisco there were over 950 cancellations and over 8400 delayed flights. In this regard, American Airlines has canceled travel change fees at more than 30 airports in which it operates, including LaGuardia, Kennedy, Newark, Philadelphia and Boston, if travelers can fly until Sunday.

Also, travelers can cancel their trip without paying any extra tax. Other similar airlines, such as Delta, JetBlue and United have offered the possibility to cancel similar trips.

As for adverse weather conditions, a strong ground wind can slow down or even completely stop certain operations, while a thunderstorm in the air can delay flights. Weather issues also spread to the East Coast, where a strong storm delayed flights from San Francisco for several hours.

If you have a delayed or canceled flight, you can check here if you are eligible to receive flight compensation.

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