There are many passengers who simply become a bundle of nerves and frustrated by multiple causes, such as flight attendants, delays, cancellations or many other potential problems that they have encountered since purchasing the ticket until they reach their destination. .

Airports can also come with a number of annoying issues for passengers, which will only fuel the anxiety of the passengers. Even some travelers may become a problem or a cause for annoyance to others, with some strange behaviors being highlighted over time, in several surveys and studies conducted at various companies.

A traveler at an airport made public a picture of a situation at the airport terminal, which made him and other passengers feel irritated. The picture shows how him, along with other passengers, is waiting on his feet, with luggage in his hand, to board the plane.

Although the image may look normal, the boarding is not actually started, but will only start in 10 minutes. For the most part, airlines offer insured seats, which means that the queue state is not needed – or so it is believed. At the time of embarkation, the queue got bigger and more and more people were waiting. These scenarios are very common in all airports.

In order to avoid such situations and frustrations at airports, you should follow some tips that can get rid of many inconveniences, such as:

– check exactly when you are boarding,

– check that the baggage is within the standards of volume and number of kilograms

– check what port of departure you should expect

– inform yourself in advance of what things, objects or liquids you allow in your hand luggage.

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