Starting today, March 10, 2020, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovenia have decided to restrict public meetings, in order to isolate as much as possible the spread of coronavirus. Thus, the cancellation of film shows, theater shows, concerts was ordered.

Also, it was decided to close the schools in Romania for a minimum of one week. So far, the three Member States of the European Union have registered several coronavirus cases. In Romania, less than 20 cases have been registered so far out of the nearly 20 million inhabitants. Therefore, until March 22, 2020, the schools will remain closed. As the prime minister said, the main concern is to protect children from any risk of contagion.

Also, the government has banned any gathering of more than 1,000 people and calls on the over 1 million Romanians living in Italy not to come home for the Easter holidays, precisely so as not to spread the virus in their families of Romanians.

However, all persons coming from Italy to Romania will be quarantined for 14 days. Also, all flights to and from Italy will be suspended until March 23.

Slovenia, the neighbor of Italy, has banned meetings of more than 100 people while the University of Ljubljana has recommended to its faculties to cancel courses and conferences with over 100 participants for the next two weeks. To date, Slovenia has presented 20 cases.

In Bulgaria, 4 cases have been registered so far, but theater, concert and film shows have been canceled. Last week, however, a national flu epidemic was declared, and hospitals are already full of flu patients.

Wizzair also announced the suspension of all flights to Treviso and Bergamo until April 3, as a result of measures to manage the coronavirus epidemic that led to the blockade of northern Italy. For its part, Blue Air canceled flights to and from Milan, but only for March 8 and 9.

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