As of Tuesday, only Hungarian citizens are allowed to enter the country from the Budapest airport. This measure is imposed by Prime Minister Viktor Orban, to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

However, the airport operator said in a statement that the Budapest airport is not closing, it will continue to receive and launch flights. However, only citizens of Hungarian origin can enter Hungary, but any other type of nationality is free to leave the country, using the means of air transport.

Of course, the airport has introduced a number of restrictions including for Hungarian citizens entering the country, in particular detailed medical checks for coronaviruses, for those Hungarian citizens coming from areas affected by this virus, such as South Korea, Iran, Israel, China and Italy. .

Restrictions in Hungary are not limited to air traffic only, and border closures are applied in case of land transport.

The new coronavirus is a pandemic started in China and spread in a few weeks globally, but most cases so far, after China, are registered in Italy, where the situation is worrying and the death toll increases exponentially from day to day. .

Therefore, it is recommended to avoid travel of any kind and isolation at home, in order to avoid contact with anyone who is liable to transmit this virus. Hygiene is indispensable, from washing your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, avoiding crowds and keeping the proper distance. If you come from an area with a high risk of infection, it is mandatory to be isolated at home for 14 days, regardless of where you are.

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