Earlier this week, hundreds of Romanians returned from England and landed at the airport in Otopeni, Bucharest. Unfortunately, the recommended social distance during the coronavirus pandemic was not kept.

They stood in line, many of them being without masks, to wait for all the necessary formalities to enter the country.

The representatives of the airport said on this situation, that the crowding occurred because they landed three planes at the same time, that is a total number of 433 people. The three races to Bucharest were from Doncaster Sheffield, Southend London and Gatwick London. At the border, however, a huge waiting queue was formed.

Florin Dumitrescu, one of the airport representatives and general manager, mentioned that the passengers are to blame for this crowding, because they did not recommend the social distance necessary to avoid the spread of the new coronavirus.

He said for a local television station “Unfortunately, we had 3 races at a short distance, 433 passengers. We mounted many information posters, we have information and audio, regarding the observance of the distance of 2 meters. ( …) Unfortunately in that area we also have the DSP control the thermoscanner, so people have to be able to present the form either completed by plane or in the airport area. We have specially arranged tables for completing the forms “.

Globally, airline flights are very low, even 95% for some airlines, because of the coronavirus pandemic. For this reason, airlines complain about the collapse, because passengers are afraid or forbidden in certain states to travel. Thus, the situation on the Otopeni Airport during the crisis is an exceptional one and also dangerous for the spread of coronavirus.

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