Despite the fact that Frankfurt is the center of Germany in terms of flights, air traffic at this airport decreased by 62% during this period, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Basically, this global crisis has hit the economy and the smooth functioning of the German airport hard. This decline began in March, and continues to continue for the next period, as a result of the state of emergency.

At present, the city and airport in Frankfurt is particularly deserted compared to the normal period. Under normal conditions, the aircraft were lined up for landing, but now a flight takes place every few hours. And many of the flights are not commercial, but they carry freight. For example, yesterday there were only 62 arrivals, a total number of massage and freight aircraft.

Statistically speaking, the number of passengers who landed at the airport in Frankfurt has decreased by 62% since March. In January and February, passengers decreased by 0.7%, respectively by 4%, passenger traffic in the first quarter decreased by 24.9% in total.

The decrease in traffic is due, of course, to lower demand because people are scared or forbidden to fly because of the coronavirus. As a result, many aircraft are parked.

Unfortunately, things would be much worse now, because in a press release, Fraport said: “In week 15 (April 6-12), traffic at Frankfurt airport decreased by 96.8 percent to 46,338. of passengers compared to the same week of 2019. ”

However, even if the volume of passenger traffic has dropped dramatically, the number of freight flights has increased. It is not known at the moment when it will be possible to return to the normal resumption of flights, because the Covid 19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc globally and to record thousands of daily cases of infected and dead.

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